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"When I feel kinda bad and don't want to stress
I just pass it off on ability
Well, you got what you want, and what you never knew
Perfect gift from me to you"

good luck era

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CL for Harper's Bazaar [May 2014]
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140725 Shinchon Fansign
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setaokaiba said: #stalkin mani IM SPOOKED OUT i must install a fence around my blog

too late young one ( ◔ิω◔ิ) i’m already permanently fixed to your blog

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pretty much every BTS song tbh
  • rapmon: aggressive fast ass raspy ass rapping soundin like he need like four or five cough drops, sprinklings of english hip hop phrases
  • suga: aggressive slightly less raspy rappin, lisp got him spittin on the front row, prolly just called you a lame or talked about snatchin yo girl
  • j-hope: aggressive tongue twister rapping but mostly just doing dumb shit with his voice and yelling in the background
  • v: deep ass voice for the hook soundin like his balls dropped at age 8 and he never looked back
  • jin: i swear bruh dont exist, he steals the hook from v like once (stop sleepin on his fine ass BigHit)
  • jimin: chorus and high ass whining in the background
  • jungkook: singing, rapping, singing & rapping, shittin on everybody, got every cat in the game hatin no matter what (you go golden maknae~)
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